More About Me

Broker Associate

Byron graduated from UC Irvine in 1991 with a degree in Economics. He received his real estate license and went right to work for his grandfather and uncle at Shiells Realty and Loan, the family brokerage in Hayward, California. After a few years he earned his broker’s license as his great grandfather did back in 1921. Being a forth generation broker Byron’s knowledge of real estate runs much deeper than just sales. His grandfather R.J. Shiells and uncle John made there living flipping foreclosures and brokering loans. Byron performed many tasks as the low man on the totem pole. He managed and maintained over 20 rental properties. After a property was acquired at the foreclosure auction Byron was in charge of evicting the occupant and taking possession and fixing up the home for sale or rent. All sales and marketing of the properties were performed by Byron. Much of Byron’s time was spent driving around in a Ford F150 to inspect properties and make many of the repairs himself. Young R.J. started the business by buying one property at a time and fixing them up himself. After hiring Byron he spent much of his time training him. They did everything together for the first few years. Byron has fond memories of his grandfather telling World War 2 stories when he worked as an electrician in the Richmond shipyards. R.J. could fix anything and recognized that Byron had inherited his mechanical abilities. To this day Byron takes pride in helping his clients with many of their home repairs. If Byron can’t fix it, it’s going to cost you a lot. Every year Byron saves his clients hundreds of dollars by helping with small repairs or diagnosing problems before they do thousands of dollars in damage.

In 1997 Byron married a local girl named Coleen Moore and left the family business to start a new life in Santa Cruz. He went right to work at Bailey Properties and has never looked back. Coleen and Byron have a son, Justin, who is going to Aptos High. Coaching baseball , football and playing ball with Justin is something Byron is passionate about doing. Byron has been an Aptos Little League Board member and sponsor. He also chaired Restaurant night for the Rio Del Mar Elementary School Parent Alliance. Being a part of is son’s daily life is very important to him.

Byron also loves to be an active member of Team Bailey. He brings a positive energy and fun factor to the office and all company events. He always has a great attitude that rubs off on the rest of the team. 
On the weekends Byron enjoys cooking on his own barbeque, so he was the perfect helper at the last Bailey Properties company function. Byron spent 12 hours tending to the smokers that fed 140 people!  

Call Byron today and put 4 generations of knowledge to work for you.