Byron is an outstanding real estate agent I've used on 7 transactions over the last 15 years. He has excellent local knowledge, really knows how to find value for a buyer. He is very communicative, a great negotiator, and always has gone the extra mile for me and my family. Byron is also a great
guy- a stand-up family man with great ethics and integrity. I strongly recommend him if you are looking for an agent who will look out for your best interests, and produce results.

After my parents were gone I ended up with two condos, a residence condo and one my father once used for an office. I needed a good realtor in the Aptos area and was fortunate to have found Byron Rifkind. Byron almost immediately found buyers who were willing to take the office condo in its less-than-pristine state. His insight and experience gave me the confidence to hold firm on my decision to sell quickly rather than spend money on fixing it up for a better price. I ended up selling it at the top of the market with almost no investment. Then the real estate crash happened and I had to turn the other condo into a rental while I waited for the market to recover. Byron stayed in touch for years and continued to provide me with invaluable advice that permitted me to survive as a landlord. His suggestions and workmen referrals were spot on every time. When the market recovered, he provided excellent advice on preparing the second condo for sale, greatly improving its eye appeal and letting me know which potential expenses and improvements would not be recouped in the selling price. When it was ready to sell he found a buyer for full asking price even before it was officially listed. The closing was quick and easy. I highly recommend Byron for any real estate transaction, whether representing a buyer or a seller.